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Schnitzel catering Sydney










Everybody loves a good Schnitzel and we have the best so why not book us for a Schnitzel catering Sydney and bring the best Schnitzels to your site for a private or corporate party or event, breakfast (Schnitzel rolls), lunch or dinner.

Our Schnitzel catering Sydney includes the following:

  • Premium Chicken Schnitzels
  • Grandma`s home-made potato salad
  • Slow cooked wine Sauerkraut
  • Organic German bread & butter
  • Choice of sauces: Lemon Aioli, sweet German mustard, tomato sauce
  • Premium biodegradable plates, wooden forks and knives, white napkins
  • Great looking buffet station set up on your site
  • Service staff for 1h lunch service all you can eat
  • Delivery

Cost for is from $25/head plus GST with a minimum of 40 people.

We can also offer customized Schnitzel catering, e.g. Schnitzel rolls, offer special Schnitzels such as “Jaegerschnitzel” (Schnitzel with a creamy mushroom sauce) and added sides such as hot chips. Just let us know what you have in mind and we make it happen.

Our Schnitzels go really well with German beers and our other bar services and we offer full-service event solutions including staff, hire equipment, entertainment and games, event styling and much more.

Contact us now for your next Schnitzel catering Sydney!

Interested in some different theming ideas for your next event such as Mexican, American, English or customized solutions?

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