German beer catering

German beer catering – now available in bottles or on tap with fully serviced bar.

German beer catering

German beers are known to be amongst the best in the world.

Our German beer catering brings these great beers to your on-site event – you sit back and relax – we take care of all.

Germans – with the first brewers being tribal “Hausfrauen” (housewives) then later monks, nuns and finally professional brewers – have been brewing beer for hundreds of years.

Weihensstephan is considered the oldest brewery in the world and officially started brewing beer in 1040 AD with monks rumoured to be brewing in the area from as early as 740AD.

You just know that a country is serious about its beer when you discover that its brewers are bound by a law dating back to 1516. The Reinheitsgebot, or German Purity Law, is the world’s oldest example of consumer protection legislation and basically decreed that beer could be brewed using only malt, hops and water.

This law has kept German beer in a position of high respect among brewers and drinkers around the world.

While today lager makes up around two-thirds of the beer consumed and brewed in Germany, it is a land built on the brewing of a large variety of beers.

Some of the imported German beers available to the German Hut in Australia are:

Furthermore we can organise locally brewed Altbier, Kolsch, Bock and Doppelbock and other German inspired specialty beers and we can even organise specially brewed batches of beer for your event.

You can pick your favourite brews and we take care of all the rest: pick up and drop off of bottles and/or kegs, install tapping systems, RSA trained staff, glassware and more.

We also deliver and set up German style beer tables and benches and other hire equiment,  staff in German dresses if you like as well as authentic decorationsentertainment (Polka band or Berlin style DJ) and of course great food catering.

Contact us now for your next event with great specialty beer.

German beer catering

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