German beer glass hire

German beer glass hire – ask us about authentic glassware now !

German beer glass hire

Germany is a country of beer lovers and there is a myriad of different beers to satisfy but the most demanding beer connoisseur.

To make the most out of the beer experience there are many different types of glassware to match the specific beers, e.g.:

  • Koelsch-Glass: Cologne`s favourite beer usually comes in 200ml glasses (the locals lovingly call them “test tubes”). The small size ensures maximum freshness of the beer and the waiters in the local brew-pubs are programmed to serve you a fresh beer as soon as the last one runs low.
  • Hefeweizen-Glass: Southern German`s delicious wheat beer gets served in tall, slim glasses with a perfect fit for the 500ml bottles ensuring that the tasty yeast residue makes it into the glass.
  • Beer Stein: Probably the most famous German beer glass – well known from the Munich Oktoberfest. This glass is a sturdy mug that comes in a variety of sizes (300ml, 500ml and the hefty 1 Liter version).

Please note: We currently only hire 300ml beer steins in Sydney in conjunction with other services such as catering or bar services. We do not hire beer steins just by themselves.


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