Halal Hot Dogs

We now offer halal hot dogs for catering.

Halal catering Sydney hot dogs catering

Everyone loves our Hut Dogs and we want to make sure that all your guests can eat them too and that we can offer something for everyone.

That`s why we now offer Gourmet vegetarian Hut Dogs™, a delicious kosher range as well as premium quality halal Hot Dogs.

We use the great tasting halal chicken Frankfurters from Fettayleh Smallgoods.

Halal sausages are prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary law.

In Islam, the term halal, or “lawful,” describes any religiously permissible action, but often specifically refers to food.

To be halal, a sausage cannot include prohibited meats (e.g. pork – that includes the casings). From the perspective of Halal, it is furthermore important to always ensure a respectful approach and humane treatment of the animals.

The meat must also come from animals slaughtered in accordance with Islamic tradition (e.g. not be prepared in facilities that also prepare pork products).

The result is an exceptional quality and standard of meat – we wouldn`t have it any other way.

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