International Gourmet Hot Dogs

International Gourmet Hot Dogs

We have to admit it, we love Hot Dogs.

They`re just so versatile and we can never get enough of creating new ones.

Apart from our famous German style Hut Dogs™ we also offer a number of different style international Gourmet Hot Dogs adaptions, such as:

  • American style Hut Dogs™
  • Asian style Hut Dogs™
  • Spanish style Hut Dogs™
  • Mexican Hut Dogs™

Check out our dedicated Hot Dog lovers page for more details.

We have also created many beautiful new combinations in our secret kitchen-lab, such as:

  • Jamaican Hut Dogs™
  • Japanese Hut Dogs™
  • Swiss Hut Dogs™
  • Polish Hut Dogs™
  • and many more

Do you need a custom made Hut Dog™ for your special event or do you want to match the Hot Dogs (and bar) with the theme of your event?

Put us to the test – we love a hut challenge.

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