Magic box jockey box hire

We offer magic box jockey box hire – ice cold keg beer on tap for your next event

We all love an icy cold beer straight from the keg.

We can supply a great looking jockey box (also known as magic box) beer tapping system including CO2 that will chill your beer without the need for electricity and is ideally suitable for garden or beach parties, bucks nights and so much more.

Jockey boxes chill the beer by running it through an aluminium plate and pipes inside of an esky with the plates and pipes covered in ice.

Our jockey boxes are unique in that they come dressed inside a great looking box so you won`t see the esky ice cooler.

This is a much more elegant solution than what`s available on the market from other suppliers.

Also contact us about glassware and other hire equipment and of course catering, entertainment, beverages and other services.

Please note: We currently only offer magic box jockey box hire bars in Sydney. Cost from $250 delivered, installed and picked up. No self-installation or pickup option available.


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