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We are specialists for Australia’s best imported (e.g. German and European beers) and local craft beers – delivered to and served on your site.
If you are looking for beer bar hire with keg beer, keg hire in Sydney and surrounds so you can serve draught beer at your corporate or private event, then look no further !
The German Hut is your partner if you want a premium draft beer keg at your event.

We offer premium beer kegs complete with staff, tap systems, mobile bars and RSA trained staff with fixed per head all-inclusive packages offered at competitive prices.
Beer bar hire is a great idea for your next event. Beer lovers will appreciate an ice cold draught beer served by our lovely staff at our great looking mobile bars.
If you are looking for a beer keg for sale you will also need to consider beer tap system hire and someone who can serve the beers.

Why not consider our full-service beer bar hire packages so you can lean back and enjoy your event.
Or if you are looking for a Bar or restaurant that serves craft beer or imported specialty beers, why don`t you consider our services – we bring the specialty and craft beer bar to your location.
If you are a lover of imported specialty beers or craft beer that loves some of the below imported European beers:

• Franziskaner
• Paulaner
• Löwenbräu
• Hacker – Pschorr
• Stiegl
• Spaten Munich
• Weihenstephan
• Budvar (the original Budweiser)
• Pilsner Urquell
• Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
• Etc.

Or the below locally brewed craft beers:

• Young Henrys
• Batch brewing company
• Hairyman brewing company
• Shark Island brewing company
• The Grifter brewing company
• Sauce Brewing Company

Then – look no further for your next event !

We can bring the imported specialty or craft beer experience to your event – complete with great looking bars, tap-systems and RSA trained staff.
We offer craft beer catering for all occasions and all locations inside and outside.
Our craft catering comes complete with a great looking bar, tap-systems, glassware and staff.

You can have it as a stand-alone bar catering service or combine it with our catering services, decorations, hire equipment, entertainment, games and more.
If you love the below bars and restaurants for their great selection of beers, then talk to us !

• Concordia Club
• Bavarian Beer Café
• Essen Restaurant & Beer Café
• Lowenbrau Keller
• Stuyvesant House
• Austrian or German Club
• Tommy’s Beer Café
• Beercartel
• Craft Beer Fight Club
• Oak Barrel
• Dave’s Brewery Tours
• The Noble Hops
• Bitter Phew
• Etc.

We can bring great imported & craft beer catering to your location:

So what is craft beer ?

We define ‘craft beer’ as beer made by a brewer that is small, independent, and traditional.
This sums it up rather nicely and creates a good foundation so drinkers know what they are talking about.
Apart from small batch craft beer we also offer a selection of premium imported specialty beers (mainly German beers) that do not fall into the craft beer category (since the breweries are rather large).

We select these breweries because they have gained hundreds of years of experience and apply strict quality standards (German purity law) on their brews.
Talk to us about your next catering – we have the best imported and craft beers !

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